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atelier L2 art+design

Leny Franken + Leo Klein

2018-05-20 PRIVACYverklaring L2-AVG.pdf OVERMUNTHE-NL

international art+culture concept OVERMUNTHE© - by atelier L2 art+design v.o.f.

Next to our dynamic atelier L2 art+design, we are always on the look out for possibilities for art stages in the Euregio D-NL-B. For this we have developed two unique concepts, OVERMUNTHE and  KUNZfetti.          

The open stage for the region, OVERMUNTHE, is our oldest concept and dates back to 1989.

Leo Klein founded the Foundation Kunstenaarscollectief OVERMUNTHE  in that year and organized a multidisciplinary stage in the TERPKERK in Urmond NL with some friends. The vast number of visitors from the border region did not escape the attention of Jack Meijers, alderman of culture at the time, and he invited Leo Klein to strengthen the Cultural Commission. From 1990, Leo Klein, as curator of the Cultural Commission Stein, coordinated the annual Kunstmanifestatie OVERMUNTHE. Over the years, this stage in the TERPKERK in Urmond NL has become an independent multidisciplinary stage for visual arts in the Euregio D-NL-B for artists, writers, filmmakers and musicians. A unique way to make the audience aware of the message of the creators of Art ...

Kunstmanifestatie OVERMUNTHE is an open stage for the pearls of the region. A small group of visual artists is central to their works and is surrounded by literary and musical performances. Since November 2016, Kunstmanifestatie OVERMUNTHE is housed in cultural enterprise atelier L2 art+design v.o.f.

Plenty of space for innovative ideas continues to be the hallmark of the international art+culture concept OVERMUNTHE ...

In 2017, the collaboration was found with VISIONS of MORESNET...

News about the coming Kunstmanifestatie OVERMUNTHE we also publish on Facebook.

For OVERMUNTHE visual artists are approached by the Selection Board.

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