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atelier L2 art+design

Leny Franken + Leo Klein

2018-05-20 PRIVACYverklaring L2-AVG.pdf

Next to our dynamic atelier L2 art+design, we are always on the look out for possibilities for art stages in the Euregio D-NL-B. For this we have developed two unique concepts, OVERMUNTHE and KUNZfetti.

The second concept has been created because we believe in sharing of what you have. In 2010 we started the KUNZfetti concept. KUNZfetti offers cross-border stages to enterprising artists. In 2012, the first try-out xpo KUNZfetti started in an empty 1200 m2 hall on the old Philips site in Sittard. The multi-disciplinary art concept proved to be a success for the visual artists, musicians and writers. In 2014, we turned another empty hall on the same old Philips terrain into a 3000 m2 art palace. It were  four buzzing days on the old Philips site. Artists, designers, musicians and writers meeting an international audience. And in 2015, with the whole team we built two halls of no less than 3700 m2 into a four-day xpo KUNZfetti, with this time again for the numerous audience a very diverse and unique collection of Contemporary Art, concerts and lectures by writers and poets.

In 2016, the former Philips site was sold and we were looking for a new challenge. This search resulted in the first outdoor event KUNZfetti KUNZtuin in the Belgian Kessenich. With this we also had the first in terms of the cross-border allure of the concept.

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