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Leny Franken + Leo Klein

2018-05-20 PRIVACYverklaring L2-AVG.pdf

About us…

Maybe we do not have to look very far for an explanation for the existence of the co-operation between Leny Franken en Leo Klein.

The explanation can simply be found in the fact that two or more people can do something together that they cannot always achieve alone. Atelier L2 art+design houses the magic of the symbiotic energy of creation.

Both autonomous visual artists in a stimulating collaboration. A co-operation which complements instead of filling in with minimal influencing eachother. Both Leny and Leo do not want to remain anonymous, a ‘we’ loose and independent, but equal and individual.

For us, Art is not just a matter of form and color but of personal content.

With over thirty years of experience in the art scene, atelier L2 art + design refers to a recognizable identity. The artists of atelier L2 art + design surpass the limits of form and style stereotypes. The question rises if the visual artworks of the artists of atelier L2 are successful because they sometimes pontifically put their projects in public space where the Laws differ from those of Art. That is why Leny Franken and Leo Klein are looking for simplicity, but the creativity of the creators is as least as important, which marks their signature. The image expression of creativity of Leny and Leo often provides a quiet meditative experience for young and old...

If you are interested in our work, please contact us and we will gladly inform you about the nearest gallery. It is of course possible to make an appointment to visit our atelier. There is you can see ‘work-in-progress’ and mostly a few works that are ready. An artlover who wishes to visit our atelier is welcome to meet us, have a good glass of wine or a cup of coffee and talk about our art and the way we work. For the sake of fairness, the sales prices in the atelier are the same as in the galleries. And because we are not good at it, we never negotiate about this. Our policy is especially transparent, and we like FairPlay to our gallery owners. In the 35 years of our artistry, the collectors of our work and our gallery owners appreciate this very much.

Our work can be found in the permanent stock of over fifteen galleries in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.

Leny Franken + Leo Klein   unique ideas…   unique artwork…

Leny Franken, visual artist, art lover and cultural entrepreneur.

A visual artist with an open smile to her surroundings creates contemplative bronze birds with a modest character. From a concept that raises vivid memories with one of the most remarkable contemporary Belgian artists Achilles Cools. Even in a number of paintings one finds a spiritual relationship that is extraordinary. All too special because both artists did not know eachother. The bronze birds of Leny Franken are sober, radiate simplicity, the art of omitting so that each aspect, each line is in function of the being. Even the title 'MusLukt' functions as a pars pro toto. Leny Franken knows once again the formal composition of a bird species that is probably extinct, as well as balancing the fantasy theme of the subject Birds, so that the birds are based on the fact that they act in their solid bronze world being limited and thus giving the viewer an optimal opportunity to enjoy their characteristic essence.

On the other hand, the bronze dancers are extravert, in smooth movements they make the world happy with their feminine beauty. Graceful, cheeky and challenging, a tad of wulps asks the attention of the passant. They play with their surroundings until the air melts into fragile frozen lines in their bodies.

That Leny Franken can translate many facets of her environment into her typical contours can be seen from the collection Köpkus. It is her history in ceramics and bronze about family, neighbours and acquaintances. About people, about you and very much about herself…

Leny Franken, from Bergen op Zoom, after HBS-A, studied HBO NXX (handicraft techniques and education) in The Hague. Worked one year at the Pedagogical Academy in Sittard. Later she worked at the University of Maastricht for thirty years as an employee of Legal Affairs at the University Office. In addition, she followed courses in various disciplines and techniques including painting, drawing and spatial design.

The works of Leny Franken were purchased by individuals, companies and government agencies at home and abroad.

Leo Klein, visual artist, restaurateur, photographer, writer, art lover and cultural entrepreneur.

Leo Klein finds his way in various art disciplines. Sometimes from a concept but always with his intuition as an artistic compass. There is a strong preference for the primitive arts, for simplicity, 'less is more', the art of omitting... From his inner sense, the idea developes into a permanent shape.

The Iron objects.

A scrap yard is 'consecrated land' to Leo Klein. From 'discarded' to 'found' stuff he recovers the dumped artefacts of current prosperity in a self-evident shape-language. Leo Klein is jumping on the eternal circle of life which is fascinating for him and in which he seeks the strongest way of communicating between the different materials. His search for the optimal artistic field of tension between these various materials is already an experience in itself. That is how his quirky but above all vulnerable images arise.

The bronze sculptures.

The bronze cast images are the final result of contemplation and reflection. Unlike the iron sculptures he composes of what he finds by coincidence, Leo Klein is able to determine the shape of a bronze sculpture to his own ideas from the beginning. Modest, simple, with a playful character. His love for the balanced line in optima forma. The fast-paced spectator quickly walked over, but those who have time can just linger there…

The works of Leo Klein are purchased by individuals, companies and government agencies in many European countries, Namibia and South Africa.

I was born alone and I'm going to die alone. Because I'm here, I am alone,


The fact that I know I'm here is a trick to stretch my lifetime in order to awaken the illusion of immortality.

To maintain the illusion that I excist

I create my mind, I put my thoughts on paper,

I raise a child.

And so I try to camouflage my ending existence, hoping to be here shortly afterwards,

my mind (thought) to be kept alive.

(From: Leo Klein, Short Stories)

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