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atelier L2 art+design

Leny Franken + Leo Klein

2018-05-20 PRIVACYverklaring L2-AVG.pdf

Leny Franken + Leo Klein




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'Learn rather than Unlearn'...

Creativity is the ability for us to create, to surprise.

We do this by combining our thoughts, our observations and our actions in relation to our ideas. Inventiveness and decisiveness are closely connected with this in order to realize your ideas!

But ... because our brains get their strength from patterns, creative thinking becomes more difficult.

In developing creativity, it is all about breaking through your patterns and your habits.

To understand what we mean

read aloud ...

Accrodnig to a Greman at an Egnlsih unvirestiy it deos not matetr in waht odrer the leettrs are in a wrod, the olny tihng that metatrs is taht the fsirt and the lsat lteetr are in the rgiht pcale.

So you see how a limited amount of information is already sufficient for our brains to recognize a pattern.

Everyone is creative

A man called Bart Knegt tells us that Creativity is not a choice but a talent...

For us this is also the starting point for the method 'Learn rather than Unlearn'. But as with other matters, this mainly has to do with skills and experience. Everyone can become more creative if he or she wants to. And that indeed is a choice !!!

What we do…

We guide people individually and teams in their organizations to develop their creativity. Together with you we will find out where you are now. With creative practice you work on your personal growth.

How do we do that?

Our working method is personal and above all practical. Characteristic in our approach is that you yourself are the center of attention. Your talents and your development points are leading in this. The result of your efforts are mainly mirrors. From this reflexion you increase your self-understanding and you are able to put what you have learned into practice right away ...

And last but not least

Whether it concerns the interpretation of an individual or a group activity, our MasterClass is always tailor-made where the personal wishes are central. For more information about the possibilities you can contact us at info@atelier-L2.eu