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atelier L2 art+design

Leny Franken + Leo Klein

2018-05-20 PRIVACYverklaring L2-AVG.pdf

L2 fashion 2S2L

Keep an eye on us as Dutch fashion designers…

We as authentic 'éminence grise' do not think about retiring, there are still so many challenges. Every day we renew ourselves and discover new interesting skills and therefore it is obvious that we add clothingdesign to our various art disciplines. As Dutch visual artists, we are internationally working our way with our unique collection of sculptures and paintings. With the entry of the world of the Haute Couture, we therefore make the difference with the so-called ready-to-wear clothing. All our couture pieces are handmade of the finest fabrics and using the most sophisticated techniques.

Our atelier is working very hard on our first collection, labeled 'L2 fashion 2S2L'.

The introduction of our designs will be announced in advance on SocialMedia !!!

To be continued…

Leny Franken + Leo Klein

L2 fashion 2S 2L…



atelier L2 art+design



L2 fashion 2L2S

K!XXX bijoux


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