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crazy about art, serious about people…

atelier L2 art+design

Leny Franken + Leo Klein

2018-05-20 PRIVACYverklaring L2-AVG.pdf

atelier L2 art+design faces a new phase in its development. We believe in sustainable business and strive for an optimal sharing-society. This vision is not scribbling in the margins, we endorse a cooperative approach because we can make the economy more human again. Together you just stand stronger…

For example, a few years ago we were able to make good agreements with the people of FERRARIO. By placing larger orders we get a better purchase price and we can let other artists benefit from a fair price. FERRARIO is a high-quality acrylic paint with a very high viscosity, a healthy alternative to oil paint. This acrylic can be used for the 'fine painter' as well as painting with putty knife. Due to the very high pigmentation, this acrylic paint is lightfast and resistant to UV radiation. There are 50 basic colors available. Ferrario MasteR acrylic can be mixed perfectly with any other color from the FERRARIO range without water.

If the paint is mixed with water, it is an excellent medium for watercolouring.

Buy FERRARIO MasteR acrylic in a handy 250 ml squeeze bottle with a resealable cap.

Because the color white is used a lot, it is also available in 1000 ml.

We warmly recommend FERRARIO MasteR acrylic.

We have experienced the excellent quality for years

in our own atelier.

A perfect adhesion on linen, paper, hardboard,

MDF, wood, stucco, clay wares, textiles

and other fat-free substrates ...

Leny Franken + Leo Klein


FERRARIO PRIJSLIJST + kleurkaart 2016.pdf



atelier L2 art+design